Silver-Ion Solution


 Answers the questions … what is the best way to produce, store and apply a solution which:

  • is completely safe to handle, but destroys all known bacteria, fungi and viruses,
  • even with wide use over long periods, does not engender resistant strains
  • can be made in virtually any amount by anyone, anywhere,
  • costs a dollar for a life-time personal supply.

Pro Bono Science teaches:

  • that silver ions destroy micro-organisms via three routes,
  • that a 1,500 ppb silver-ion solution is generated when silver metal is submerged in aerated water,
  • that light-tight spray bottles are a convenient method of storing and applying silver-ion solution.

Given the above, and considering its long history, its enormous range of modern research data and its huge advantage in simplicity and lack of side effects, it is surprising that no major effort has been made to expand the role of silver-ion solutions in human health.  Silver-ion solution is at the threshold of reducing the spread of disease and human suffering.  Here is an opportunity, and, we believe, a duty, for us to make an important contribution to improved human health and well-being.

Our hope is that, by making 1) the materials needed, 2) the recipe for generating silver-ion solution and 3) illustrations of practical applications available here, this valuable sanitizer will become ubiquitous.  The extraordinary will spread to become the ordinary.

Silver-Plated Nylon Fabric – The Fountainhead

blank-10px Our experience has shown that Balingen fabric is best.

Each fiber of its knitted nylon yarn is plated with silver metal.

German manufacturer:
U.S. distributor:

Spray Bottles – Combination Generators / Containers / Applicators:

Silver Ion Generator / Applicator - 8 oz  blank-10px Household and personal-size units are available at

Each makes 100s of refills upon addition of clean water.

Quantity discounts and bulk supplies for developing countries are also available.

The Science 
Silver, submerged in water, reacts with dissolved oxygen, forming a slightly-soluble silver-oxide film which dissolves and produces a dilute 1,500 ppb aqueous silver-ion solution.

Silver-Ion Safety Assessment
A 30 ppb Silver-Ion Solution Kills Microbes

The Silver Ion – A New Look at an Old Friend
Household Uses Illustrated


The Engineering
Because silver ions are released only from the wetted surface of silver metal, the rate of silver-ion release is directly proportional to silver’s wetted surface area.  Increasing the surface area of silver (and thereby reducing its area cost) is accomplished by plating an extremely thin layer over a very large surface.  In this way, we have increased the surface area of a one-ounce silver coin (five postage stamps) to that of a 6 ft. X 7 ft. wall (42 ft.2) – an efficiency boost of 1,300 times.


The Biology
Silver ions kill microbes by:
1) destroying cell wall lipoproteins,
2) inhibiting enzymes necessary for respiration,
3) binding to microbial DNA and ending replication.

Silver Ions Kill Microbes by 3 Methods.
Silver Ions in Medicine


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