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When a child discovers a pretty pebble, a tiny frog or a four-leaf clover in the grass, he excitedly runs to others to share his discovery.

As a scientist, I look for the essence of things and when I uncover a truly beneficial fact, a scientific four-leaf clover, my strong desire is to share the good news with everyone. My feeling is that the population already owns countless happy facts hidden in the grass and when one is uncovered, it should be displayed and described so people understand its utility.  The pleasure in telling people about the beneficial materials and methods, at no cost, is the engine driving Pro Bono Science.

Maximum Personal Profit
I know that practical scientific discoveries aren’t usually given away.  Patentable ones are developed into products and marketed for personal profit.  Unpatentable discoveries are either dropped because they are judged not to be “money makers” or they are hyped outrageously and priced at what the traffic will bear.  The economy designed to maximize personal profit is the atmosphere we are born into and breathe in every day.

Maximum Human Benefit
People are fundamentally generous by nature.  We are happier when we work to maximize human benefit.  The natural desire to spread information and essential materials which lead to happier, healthier lives motivates Pro Bono Science.

We don’t seek patent protection because we welcome competition. After all, one who fully discloses every aspect of the material while offering the greatest social benefit at the lowest cost is an ally!

Pro Bono Science is the most efficient, economical method we have thought of to deliver the fruits of our efforts, our scientific four-leaf clovers, to you at the lowest cost.

Each of the following Pro Bono materials is largely unknown to the public and:

  • Solves an important human problem.
  • Is the best embodiment of the process.
  • Is not readily available to the consumer.
  • Is explained by us in terms everyone understands.


GM_roll SMS-blue leaflets-spreading
kills microbes
deep-cleans air
deep-cleans air, water
increase comfort; save energy

Richard Kunz is a consulting chemist who has specialized in helping building engineers solve problems since 1970.  In 1992 he became interested in solving his clients’ indoor air quality problems and invented gray matter.  He developed a better method of applying aluminum reflectors as leaflets to attic floors.  He found a more efficient method of generating silver ions with silver-plated cloth.  He offers these materials and methods to the public at little profit through his Social Marketing site:


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