Answers the question … what is an engineered, near-HEPA filter fabric which is: inexpensive, rugged, reuseable and easily-crafted to replace expensive filters I am now purchasing?


SMS_medical_maskSMS_roll-rightSMS – Clean air on a roll …
An engineered, technical, nonwoven, laminated polypropylene fabric, manufactured and sold in large volumes worldwide to fabricators.  We are making small quantities available, at low cost, to individuals so they may exploit its unique properties.



cross-section of rugged SMS filter fabric

  • Captures 99.9% of particles down to 5 microns.
  • Tough enough to vacuum or wash and reuse many times.
  • Inexpensive enough to throw-away.


SMS_roll-right_cut sew-glue-heatseal

We supply any length from our 39 inch-wide x 300 foot-long master rolls.
$0.50 / linear foot

Contact to place an order.

Full rolls can be obtained from veterinary supply companies. Look for SMS surgical drape.


SMS 3-layer filter fabric deep-cleans indoor air.

sock windowfan return_air_register
Room Fan
indoor air cleaner
traps dust
Window Fan
outdoor air cleaner
traps pollens
Return Air Register
keeps air-ducts clean


SMS as a prefilter, eliminates the need to replace expensive HEPA filters.

shop-vac roomaircleaner
Shop-Vac Room Air Cleaner


SMS makes rugged, disposable, dust-free, filters bags.
… good enough to eliminate dust while vacuuming
… cheap enough to throw through out with the sweepings

leafvac lawntractor_bag pool_bag SMS_dryer_sock
Leaf Vacuums Pool Vacuum Clothes Dryer Sock
exhausts warm, humid,
clean air where you wish