Gray Matter

GM cloth on rollGRAY MATTER
Answers the question … what is the best filter material I can use to remove dust,
dirt, pollens, odors and chemical irritants from the air I breathe?


Gray Matter refers to a new filter media to which:

  • Particles, pollens & allergens are attracted to and held tightly by polymer fibers.
  • Odors and irritant molecules are adsorbed onto numerous small, tightly-held activated-carbon particles.
GM cloth micrographelectrostatic fibers holding activated carbon and dust particles Explanations of:
surface area increase


GM cloth on roll Gray Matter filter fabric
for cut-to-fit applications
Cut from our 24”-wide roll.
$2 per linear foot



GM cloth in car GM cloth on AC GM cloth on fan
auto cabin room A/C screen room fan
GM cloth on garbage frig closet
kitchen waste refrigerator closet


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