Best Way Series – Home

We all seek best value – maximum benefit at minimum cost.Unfortunately, marketers aren’t much help. Their goal is to merely convince us they offer best values.

Here is straight dope from a scientist whose goal is to communicate critical differences yielding the best materials and methods for solving problems
around the home.

The Best Way …

1 … to make an interesting presentation of science
Don Herbert knew science is the method of discovering the truth and taught it to a young, excited audience.
2 … to make housekeeping solutions for pennies
Using active ingredients and diluting them with free tap water saves money.
3 … to create a superior cooking surface
Teflon was discovered in 1938; developing a tough, trouble-free Teflon surface happened recently.
4 … to keep leftovers fresh & eliminate refrigerator odors
They bought the Saran name and substituted inferior polyethylene. You may return to the original.
5 … to convert air filters into air cleaners
Good particulate filters are one simple step away from being excellent air cleaners.
6 … to destroy household odors – ozone
A strong oxidizing agent literally “burns” airborne household odors.
7 … to make an unlimited supply of sanitizer – silver ion generation
Previous generations used silver ions while not knowing what they are or how they work.
Modern medicine is familiar with their technology and why they are superior sanitizers.
7.1 to add silver-ion technology to any washing machine
An inexpensive technique which automatically administers silver ions to clothing.
8 … to keep track of swimming pool / spa water chemistries
Good record-keeping uncovers patterns previously indiscernible.
9 … to make roofs cool and long-lasting – silicone coatings
Very stable silicone-oxygen bonds in silicone roof-coatings make them last many decades.
10 … to protect house exteriors for years – silicone emulsion paint
Very stable silicone-oxygen bonds and permanent pigments make silicone paints last many decades.
11 … to reduce heat gain into or loss from the home – infra-red reflectors
Aluminum surfaces reflect infrared radiation away from or back into living spaces – for a small, one-time cost.
12 … to transform fuel into heat – an HE furnace / water heater / boiler
Hot, humid flue gasses carry a lot of precious energy up the chimney. Condensing technology recovers it.
13 … to renew expensive taste and odor filters – regeneration
Never replace an activated-carbon filter; tastes and odors may be rinsed out with hot water.
14 … to protect all household electronics from electrical surges.
Three types of protection effectively shield the entire house from all types of power surges.